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About Fulcrum

Fulcrum are the beating heart of food and drink in Beirut Rafic Hariri Airport. We are here to provide you with everything from Lebanese favourites to world class sushi, to a sandwich and a coffee if you wish. We manage all food and beverage offers on behalf of MEA and LBACC who operate exclusively within the airport and it is our continuous mission is to give you the best possible dining experience during your stay.

Our senior management team are committed to providing you with the best possible dining experience.
Youmna Al Ashkar – General manager
Camille Wehbe – Executive chef
Izzat Malas – Operations manager
Hassan Tarabay – Finance manager

Find Our Restaurants

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  • Land side, there are three places to eat and drink.


    Cafématik and Aklé are located in the arrivals hall.


    Balkoumi quick service and ‘grab & go’ is located in the departures hall.


    Airside there are two Cafématiks located just after the final security checks in the East wing and the West wing. There are two Cafématik kiosks located for your convenience in the East wing and West wing to give you a light bite and a drink as close as possible to your gate.


    Our full service Balkoumi (but also with ‘grab & go’) is located in the West pier. It has a dedicated enclosed smoking area – unique to the airport.


    Our gourmet bar and restaurant Salt is positioned on the upper level in the rotunda immediately after passing through passport control.


    We are also delighted to announce the opening of a new restaurant in the East Pier of the departure lounge. Further details coming soon..


Contact Us

  • Fulcrum s.a.l.
    Departure Level above
    MEA offices
    Rafic Hariri International
    Airport, Beirut Lebanon
    T: + 961 1 628240
    F: + 961 1 628241
    E: info@fulcrum-bia.com